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The Englishwoman

Englishwoman 46.137 (May 1920).pdf

Doughan states that it is effectively a NUWSS attempt to provide a woman-oriented equivalent of such “mainstream” literarly-intellectual magazines as…

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Woman Today

This periodical began as a general illustrated magazine with “popular front” articles on Spain and Ethiopia, and pictures of Charlotte Despard mingled…

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The journal of the urban equivalent of the Women’s Institutes, including material on household hints, the activities of the N.U.T.C, etc., but little…

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Open Door

This periodical was the organ of the Open Door International for the economic emancipation of the woman worker.

It was a very slim paper of the…

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Woman Worker/Working Woman

Woman Worker 1.1 (Mar 1926).pdf

An organ of the Community Party of Great Britain that is devoted to women workers, the wives of workers, and international issues pertaining to women…

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Birth Control News

May 1922.pdf

Subtitle: "The Stateman’s Newspaper" Doughan calls The Birth Control News “thin and propagandist, but nevertheless the authentic voice of Marie…

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Alternative Titles: Opportunity, the Organ of the Federation of Women Civil Servants (1921-1932)Opportunity, the Organ of the National Association of…

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Woman Clerk

Woman Clerk 1.pdf

A mostly organisational news organ, covering such topics as equal pay and opportunities in the lower grades of the civil service.

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Home and Country

A journal of Women’s Institute news and general articles on such topics as child care, cooking, gardening, rural life, etc..

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Woman’s Outlook

The Guild’s general interest magazine, it combined home hints, stories, and recipes with socialist-feminist political articles. It was initially…

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Woman Engineer


This periodical provides information on women in all areas of technology, together with purely organisational news. A strongly feminist journal, it…

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Woman Teacher

WT 1.1 - 1.pdf

This was autonomous journal of women teachers campaigning against professional restrictions (e.g. the marriage bar) and for equal pay. However, it…

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Catholic Citizen

Catholic Citizen 6.5 (May 1920).pdf

This periodical was concerned with a wide range of feminist issues, especially equal pay, education, and prostitution. It has sometimes taken…

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Church Militant

Church Militant 9.104.pdf

This periodical continues the Anglican feminist tendency of the Church League for Women’s Suffrage (1912-1917), with its emphasis changed from the…

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From the EUP Companion Appendix entry by Karen Steele:Alluding to the late nineteenth-century coinage of “Uranian” to describe homosexuality as an…

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Woman’s Dreadnought

This periodical is Sylvia Pankhurst’s own left-socialist paper. It focuses on East End information and showcases an increasingly noticeable move from…

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Labour Woman

At first simply a continuation of the League Leaflet (1911-1913), this periodical soon became more substantial, with news and general items of…

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The Vote

The Need for Women MPs.pdf

Despite the title, this periodical was always concerned with feminist issues other than the suffrage, such as sexual oppression, restrictions on…

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Time and Tide

19November1920 --.pdf

Margaret Haig, Lady Rhondda, started this female-directed weekly review of politics and the arts, modelled along the lines of the New Statesman.…

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The Common Cause

January 23, 1920.pdf

This journal began publication in 1909 as "The Organ of the National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies" and would in 1920 join with The Woman's…

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