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Catholic Citizen


This periodical was concerned with a wide range of feminist issues, especially equal pay, education, and prostitution. It has sometimes taken positions at variance with those of the hierarchy (e.g. over the ordination of women), but in its earlier years it at least tended to follow the Curial line on issues such as birth control.

The organisation changed its name in 1923 from the Catholic Women’s Suffrage Society to St. Joan’s Social and Political (International) Alliance due to a Papal prohibition on the use of the name “Catholic” by non-ecclesiastical groups.

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Irregular monthly and quarterly.


Catholic Women’s Suffrage Society
St. Joan’s Social and International Alliance

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Catholic Citizen 6.5 (15 May 1920)
This issue features on its cover a statue of St. Joan of Arc, the patroness of the Catholic Women's Suffrage Society, from whom the Society takes both guidance and protection. This image is followed by an article by Leonora de Alberti that celebrates…

Catholic Citizen: Advertisements
The back page from a 1919 issue of Catholic Citizen which displays advertisements from other women's organizations and periodicals, including the Women's Freedom League, The Common Cause, and The International Woman Suffrage News. Despite the…

The Moral Health of the Nation
An editorial that details the report of the Committee appointed by the Association for Social and Moral Hygiene that examined sexual morality in the British Empire. De Alberti pays close attention to the causes of prostitution, and she advocates for…
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