Woman Engineer


Woman Engineer


This periodical provides information on women in all areas of technology, together with purely organisational news. A strongly feminist journal, it continues to campaign vigorously for equal employment and education opportunities.

An online archive of this periodical is available via the Institution of Engineering and Technology








Women’s Engineering Society

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The Woman Engineer 1.4 (September 1920)
In the early period of The Woman Engineer, title pages or early content pages would boast a photo of women engineers in action, or facilities that allowed women to apprentice or work.  The “Notes” pages (seen here on pp. 32-33) would encompass a…

Woman Engineer: June 1920 Cover Photograph
A typical cover for Woman Engineer in the early period, featuring a photo of a female person at work in her trade - in this case, of high-intensive factory work with a turret lathe.

Mandate of the Woman Engineer
An opening comment advocating for equality of training and working opportunities for women in engineering (and elsewhere) on the assumption that nature, not government regulation, will provide the ultimate test of competency for a given task.
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