Birth Control News


Birth Control News


Subtitle: "The Stateman’s Newspaper"

Doughan calls The Birth Control News “thin and propagandist, but nevertheless the authentic voice of Marie Stopes, and hence essential reading.” Indeed, the periodical is highly biased in favour of a use of birth control to control populations and the size of families. She especially advocates to decrease the birth rates among the lower classes by sharing contraceptive techniques that Dr. Stopes claimed were already well-known among the upper class.

The periodical also offers a stark reminder of Stopes's enthusastic support of eugenics and the Society for Constructive Birth Control and Racial Progress, which she founded. Particularly problematic are the articles that discuss "the unfit" and "defective" members of British society, which primarily encompasses the lower classes, the undereducated, and the unexmployed.


Editor: Marie Carmichael Stopes






Monthly, then quarterly, then monthly again


Society for Constructive Birth Control and Racial Progress

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Birth Control News 1.1 (May 1922)
In this issue, Marie Stopes introduces Birth Control News with a report on the first meeting of the Society for Constructive Birth Control and Racial Progress, names "friends" and "foes of progress", and describes extreme cases in which one woman had…
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