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I have and continue to consult regarding the copyright status of the materials reproduced on this site, trying to ensure that we are reproducing issues of publications that are out of copyright or which we have obtained permission to display. The site makes these available, not for reproduction or commercial use, but rather for personal and research purposes. We hope that the selected items will make it possible for a wider readership to be aware of these sources and know where to find them for more detailed work.

If you hold copyright for anything on our site or are able to advise us on obtaining permissions, please contact me. We will remove anything if necessary and, of course, we are more than willing to acknowledge copyright holders. Please include details of the copyright holder related to specific materials.

Creative Commons Licence
All original work by the contributors is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Canada License.

Dr. Maria DiCenzo
Department of English and Film Studies
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