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WT 1.1 - 1.pdf
In addition to association notes, this issue includes reports from the National Federation of Women Teachers president and the Standing Joint Committee on salaries.The complete first issue of the Woman Teacher can be accessed from the Institute of…


Catholic Citizen 5.9 (15 Sept 1919) - ad.pdf
The back page from a 1919 issue of Catholic Citizen which displays advertisements from other women's organizations and periodicals, including the Women's Freedom League, The Common Cause, and The International Woman Suffrage News. Despite the…

An opening comment advocating for equality of training and working opportunities for women in engineering (and elsewhere) on the assumption that nature, not government regulation, will provide the ultimate test of competency for a given task.

Woman Clerk 1.pdf
The first article of the periodical, which outlines its purpose and the major topics it will cover in future issues. As a post-war periodical, The Woman Clerk frequently focuses on issues related to demobilization in its first years of publication.

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