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Catholic Citizen 6.5 (May 1920).pdf
This issue features on its cover a statue of St. Joan of Arc, the patroness of the Catholic Women's Suffrage Society, from whom the Society takes both guidance and protection. This image is followed by an article by Leonora de Alberti that celebrates…

The Women's Freedom League.pdf
A description of the current campaigns undertaken by the Women's Freedom League, including work against the Bastardy Bill and in favour of the Unemployment Insurance Bill.

It also offers a test that was drafted by the Association for Moral and…

Catholic Citizen 5.9 (15 Sept 1919) - ad.pdf
The back page from a 1919 issue of Catholic Citizen which displays advertisements from other women's organizations and periodicals, including the Women's Freedom League, The Common Cause, and The International Woman Suffrage News. Despite the…
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