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January 23, 1920.pdf
This issue includes "The Spirit of Man" by Millicent Garrett Fawcett, an article on women's economic status and women's guilds, and two reports on health care in Britain. Also of note are the shorter news items regarding topics from unmarried mothers…

WL - Rathbone - Production.pdf
An article by Eleanor Rathbone on women's contribution to industrial production in Britain both during and just after the War. Rathbone emphasizes reports that women demonstrate particular ability in mass production and "semi-skilled repetition…

A typical cover for Woman Engineer in the early period, featuring a photo of a female person at work in her trade - in this case, of high-intensive factory work with a turret lathe.

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An opening comment advocating for equality of training and working opportunities for women in engineering (and elsewhere) on the assumption that nature, not government regulation, will provide the ultimate test of competency for a given task.

Woman Worker 1.1 (Mar 1926).pdf
This first issue of the "Woman Worker" celebrates International Woman's Day, critiques the conditions in clothing factories, and discusses the need for a domestic workers' union.

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This issue includes articles on women in politics, women in the Church, women in literature, and even women in the air, in addition to a retrospective on the events of 1929.

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