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A back page advertisement from Jus Suffragii outlining the resolutions the IWSA passed during their annual conference. Unlike those associations that focused primarily on British politics, the IWSA's resolutions offer insight into the issues the…

The Need for Women MPs.pdf
The next step for many suffragists, beyond the attainment of the vote for all women, was the ability for women to serve as a member of British Parliament. This report on a mass meeting celebrating the election of Nancy, Lady Astor (1879-1964).

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14.5 February 1920.pdf
This issue is headed by a commentary on the future of the International Woman Suffrage Alliance and proposals from national auxiliaries. It also includes articles on the "Advance of Feminism in Spain," "The Position of Women in the Philippine…

The Vote 19.540 (27 Feb 1920).pdf
This issue leads with an interview with Katherine Dixon of the Association for Moral and Social Hygiene on the sexual misconduct of British troops in India. It also includes articles on mothers' pensions, city housing plans, the Bishop of London's…

Woman Clerk 1.pdf
The first article of the periodical, which outlines its purpose and the major topics it will cover in future issues. As a post-war periodical, The Woman Clerk frequently focuses on issues related to demobilization in its first years of publication.

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Woman Clerk 1.4.pdf
This issue includes an essay on "Women in Modern Journalism," notes on art, political issues, and insurance, as well as a detailed break-down of the average woman clerk's weekly budget. The back cover significantly lists the goals of the Association…


Woman Worker 1.1 (Mar 1926).pdf
This first issue of the "Woman Worker" celebrates International Woman's Day, critiques the conditions in clothing factories, and discusses the need for a domestic workers' union.

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"An Appreciation" of the life and work of actress, playwright, novelist, and suffragist Elizabeth Robins (1862-1952) written by Lady Bell.

This issue includes articles on women in politics, women in the Church, women in literature, and even women in the air, in addition to a retrospective on the events of 1929.

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