Time and Tide 1.28 (19 November 1920)


Time and Tide 1.28 (19 November 1920)


This issue significantly includes "A Programme" that outlines the six items around which Lady Rhondda would establish the Six Point Group in 1921: 

  1. pensions for widowed mothers
  2. the protection of unmarried mothers and their children
  3. harsher laws for assaults against children
  4. equal rights of guardianship for married parents
  5. equal pay for women teachers
  6. equal opportunities for men and women in the Civil Service
Lady Rhondda divides these points into two categories: those which particularly affect women as mothers, and those that regard the problem of achieving "equal pay for equal work" and "the equality of status for men and women."

Also of note are the many literary articles in this issue, which include Margaret Wynn Nevinson's discussion of "Some of Our Younger Poets, a series of book reviews by Mary Agnes Hamilton and Rose Macaulay, and a page of short fiction and poetry. 


19 November 1920


Margaret Wynne Nevinson
Mary Agnes Hamilton
Rose Macaulay
M. E. Roach
F. M. Bradford
E. E. Helme
Christopher St. John
M. Philip E. Harrison




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